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Get field api name in lwc

UI Record API is used for fetching, creating, updating and deleting the particular record without using the SalesForce Apex Class. These APIs are: Get Record Get Field Value Create Record Update Record Delete Record Below is the sample code of the js controller of LWC for getting the particular record by record ID: import { [].

It is clear that this should work without explicitly stating the object's API name due to the default here (as per recordId). The only caveat specified is: NOTE This approach works only for components where the {!objectApiName} is in the route.

Also, you need to import the getRecord method like below. Copy import { getRecord, getFieldValue } from "lightning/uiRecordApi" ; Second thing, you need to wire the getRecord and getFieldValue methods that we imported in the last step. The Final Code I have created a simple component named showParentFields showParentFields.js Copy.

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We will be looking at how to get all the fields of an SObject dynamically in LWC. Schema class contains lot of helpful methods for obtaining schema describe information..

If we use Salesforce Schema to get the FieldsAPI Names, Salesforce considers referential integrity. That means, if the developer wants to delete any field referred in LWC by using Salesforce Schema, System will not allow deleting the field. So, It’s always best practice to use Salesforce Schema to define the Field API Name in LWC.

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