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How to redirect to another html page in javascript on button click

The JavaScript code below performs the redirect if the user clicks on the button in our form. First, we get the button by its id using the document.getElementById method. Afterward, we attach an event listener to the button. In the redirect function, we use the location.href method to describe the location of the redirect.

First, create an anonymous function and assign it to a new variable redirectURL. Write the URL reduction code within the created anonymous function. Also, set the time delay for 5 seconds using setTimeout () method. Declare onclick attribute in the <button> tag and assign redirectURL () function.

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Oct 28, 2022 · In this way, like the gif you can see when we select the Home button, the project will navigate the page to the home page with the link ending “/” and with Python Page, it is “/python”. As a result, we can redirect to another page on button click and see in the url bar how it will change when we click. Use window.location.href method.

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There are times when this is not possible and you would need to use a JavaScript redirect to a URL. This is pretty simple, just include one of the following snippets:.

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