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What is the meaning of temporarily suspended? 1 : to debar temporarily especially from a privilege office or function suspend a student from school. 2a : to cause to stop temporarily suspend bus service. b : to set aside or make temporarily inoperative suspend the rules. 3 : to defer to a later time on specified conditions suspend sentence.

The four colour states of the WAN/DSL light are: Green: Either Ethernet is connected or digital subscriber line (DSL) is synced. Green (slow flash): DSL has started syncing. Green (fast flash): DSL is finishing syncing. Off: No NBN internet connection. If this light is off, check the Telstra and NBN outages pages.

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Telstra. For fixing 'SIM not provisioned mm#2' on Verizon: Call 800-711-8300. If you're using a completely new SIM card, ask for the SIM card activation by calling 877-807-4646 from any phone. For fixing 'SIM not provisioned mm#2' on Sprint: Call 888-211-4727 or start a webchat. Note: Sprint's network operates on CDMA technology.

Solutions. There are three solutions you can try: Add a "r" character in the right of string; Change \ to be /; Change \ to be \\; Solution 1: Add a "r" character in the beginning of string.


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